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- T. Cuisia


"They look great, and the hidden height increase feels great!"

- E. Villena


"I always refused to wear thick heeled shoes, your shoes look great and provide a superb solution. Thank you I will be ordering again "

- Benjamin H.


"AddHeight Shoes gave me back confidence in social activities by walking straight and standing erect"

- Julius T.


"the quality and comfort of the AddHeight Shoes that I purchased. I would like to order a pair of loafers this time, which will be my 3rd pair. I am also thinking about ordering the sandals soon and let me know when you will have them in stock for shipping. "

- Louis D.


"I want to let you know that the shoes are perfect. I am in love with these shoes and I seriously cannot wait to order more pairs. These shoes were highly praised by my co-workers and most important, these shoes make me feel more confident about myself because of my "new" height. Thank you so much for the fast prompt delivery. I will definitely order again. "

- C.G.


"My coach gives me limited playing time because it's hard for me to be good since my opponents are usually taller than me. Since I bought AddHeight basketball shoes it's me who's taller now and I can't believe how easy it is to dominate any opponent when you are taller! I'm a starter now! "